Sara Penrose
Loch Soilleir
0619990710 This is Sara's rank in Ansteorra. This rank is given by the Kingdom and altered by what awards one attains.

The individual ranking for the barony can be found here.

Ansteorrean Awards

Award of Arms 1993-01-23  
Sable Comet, Award o/t 1994-01-22 Black Oak Keep 
Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1996-08-03 Calligraphy and Illumination 
Iris of Merit, Order o/t 1997-07-26  
King's Gauntlet of Ansteorra 1998-01-17 Kein II 
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 1998-01-17 Alisha II 
Sable Crane of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1998-08-14  
County 1999-07-10  
Rose, Order o/t 1999-07-10 Resigned 11-30-2018 
King's Gauntlet of Ansteorra 2001-07-07 Jason I 
Star of Merit, Order o/t 2001-07-14  
Laurel, Order o/t 2003-01-11  
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2003-06-28 Conal I 
Pelican, Order o/t 2004-04-17  
Court Barony 2006-01-14  
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2008-06-14 Vanessa II 
Lion of Ansteorra; Defender o/t Dream 2009-05-16 Gunthar II & Elizabeth I - Resigned 11-30-2018 
Serpent's Toils of Loch Soilleir, Order o/t 2010-09-25  
Golden Star of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2014-04-12 Token: Commemorative Shirt 
Augmentation of Arms 2015-01-10  
Golden Star of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2015-10-10  

Elfsea Awards

No Elfsea Awards found