Miguel Sebastian de Oporto
0520040710 This is Miguel's rank in Ansteorra. This rank is given by the Kingdom and altered by what awards one attains.

The individual ranking for the barony can be found here.

Ansteorrean Awards

Queen's Rapier of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1991-08-03  
Award of Arms 1992-01-11  
Queen's Champion 1992-03-07 Julia III 
White Scarf of Ansteorra, Order o/t (grant) 1993-04-25  
Queen's Champion 1995-02-18 Mikaela 
Sable Falcon of Ansteorra 1995-03-04  
King's Champion 1997-01-18 Mahdi I 
Centurion o/t Sable Star of Ansteorra 1997-01-18  
Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1998-01-10 Bardcraft 
Queen's Champion 1998-02-07 Gladwen I 
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 1998-07-11 Gladwen I 
Queen's Champion 1998-07-25 Katrionna 
Sable Crane of Ansteorra, Award o/t 1999-01-09  
Queen's Champion 1999-01-30 Sara I 
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 1999-07-10 Sara I 
Knight o/t Society 1999-11-20  
County 2003-07-12  
Duchy 2004-07-10  
King's Blade of Chivalry 2004-11-06 Dracontius 
Iris of Merit, Order o/t 2006-05-27  
Court Barony 2006-07-08  
Oak o/t Steppes, Order o/t 2006-08-26  
King's Blade of Chivalry 2007-10-06 Ulsted III 
Star of Merit, Order o/t 2008-07-12  
Queen's Blade of Honor 2008-11-15 Elizabeth I 
King's Blade of Chivalry 2012-07-14 Hrafn II 
Queen's Champion 2013-10-05 Nicollet I 
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2014-04-12 Nicollet I 
Queen's Champion 2016-05-14 Sonja I 
Defense, Order of 2016-07-09  
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2016-10-15 Sonja I 
Royal Blade 2017-05-20 Gabriel II & Sonja II 
Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2018-01-13 Meadmaking 
Royal Blade 2019-05-25 Vlad & Margaret 
Augmentation of Arms 2019-09-21  

Elfsea Awards

No Elfsea Awards found