Ameline du Bois
1020061111 This is Ameline's rank in Ansteorra. This rank is given by the Kingdom and altered by what awards one attains.

The individual ranking for the barony can be found here.

Ansteorrean Awards

Award of Arms 1999-04-10  
Compass Rose, Award o/t 2000-05-13  
Sable Thistle of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2000-09-23 Beadmaking 
Sable Crane of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2002-01-05  
Azure Keystone, Order o/t (Elfsea) 2002-04-06  
Iris of Merit, Order o/t 2003-04-05  
Court Barony 2003-09-27 Elfsea 09/27/2003-09/22/2007 
Star of Merit, Order o/t 2004-09-25  
Laurel, Order o/t 2006-11-11  
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2007-07-07 Deanna I 
Kingdom Artisan 2011-02-12  
King's Gauntlet of Ansteorra 2011-10-01 Lochlan I 
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2011-10-01 Gwen I 
Sable Sparrow, Award o/t 2012-07-28  
Pelican, Order o/t 2012-10-20  
Lion of Ansteorra; Defender o/t Dream 2013-07-06 Lochlan II and Gwen II 
King's Gauntlet of Ansteorra 2013-09-28 Lochlan II 
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2013-09-28 Gwen II 
Sable Flur, Award o/t 2014-10-11  
Golden Star of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2015-04-11 Token: Bronze Ansteorran Star Pennanular Brooch 
Sable Sparrow, Award o/t 2016-04-02  
Golden Star of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2017-04-08 Jason Drysdale I & Margherita I 
Sable Flur, Award o/t 2017-10-14  
Golden Star of Ansteorra, Award o/t 2018-04-14  
Queen's Glove of Ansteorra 2018-10-13 Margherita II 
Sable Sparrow, Award o/t 2019-08-15  

Elfsea Awards

Azure Grail 2017-04-29
Portcullis 1969-12-31

Elfsea Officers

Baroness 09-2003 - 09-2007
Vicaress 05-2003 - 09-2003