Second Golden Ticket Tournament

Choose your weapons wisely, for you must twice defeat each opponent on the field of chivalry at Elfsea Springfaire. One winner will emerge to claim the Golden Ticket! The winner with their Golden Ticket will be eligible to enter the first ever Tournament of Champions and compete for the tile of Kingdom Sentinel!

Double elimination, best two out of three. Bring your best style.

More information about the Tournament of Champions can be found here.

Rapier Movie Magic Tournament

Step forward and do combat in the manner of the heroes of Hollywood yore! Prove victorious in a test of prowess, daring, laughter, and silliness! Each entrant will take their turn as the Hero, and do battle against the evil Lord's Goons. To aid him, he will have his wits, his steel, and ability cards with movie fencing clich├ęs on them!

Points will be awarded at the Director's discretion for both kills and style, to include banter and excellent use of cards. The Hero with the most points wins! There will be a prize basket for the victor, and additional prizes for best style in categories to be determined by the Director.

There will also be two types of special cards which will be available for purchase (one for $5, one for $10), all proceeds of which will be donated to the Royal Travel Fund, to send our Crown to bear witness to the birth of our Society's twentieth kingdom at Avacal's Inaugural Coronation in June.

Archery Tournament

1st round
Standard targets at 20 yds.

2nd round
Standard targets at 30 yds.

3rd round
Five paper plates.
You must hit them in order and only hit each one time.

4th-6th round
Standard targets at 40 yds.
After the 4th round, you may only use arrows that scored in the previous round.
If you have no arrows, you cannot shoot that round.

7th-? round
Tie breaker, if necessary, at 40 yds.

Newbie Chivalric Tournament

Bring your best, single elimination, best two out of three. A 'newbie' is considered someone who has been fighting for less than a year and has not won a tourney.

Newbie Rapier Tournament

Open to any rapier fighter who has been authorized for less than a year and has never won a tournament. Format will be single-elimination, best two-out-of-three, bring-your-best-weapons-form. The finals will be a Swiss Five, best three-of-five. (Loaner weapons and parrying devices will be available for the final round.)

Youth Chivalric Tournament

This youth tournament will be organized much like any adult tournament. It will be double elimination and open to any youth that want to enter. If there are enough participants there will be multiple age brackets. Each bracket winner will recieve a prize. There will be no loaner gear available.

Heraldic Display Contest

This fun contest will be open to EVERYONE, children and adults, with no documentation required. The theme is 'Display Your Favorite Heraldry', and it is open to heraldic display of every kind, of every persona, of every time period. Examples: Clothing, banners, children's garments, combatant's clothing, pavilions, etc.

There will be a Sign-Up List at Gate for those wanting to participate. The display can be one item or a combined entry.

Throughout the day, the Elfsea Minister of Arts and Sciences will be seeking out the participants to talk with you about your display, its creation, its meaning, etc. During this time, 'Secret Judges' will also be watching for their favorites as well. At the end of the day, a favorite will be chosen among the judges, and the winner will be announced at Closing Court and gifted a prize! We hope you will join us!