Princess Tea

A chance for new rapier fighters to introduce themselves to Her Highness Antigone.

Travelers' Faire

All weary travelers are welcome to join us for a dinner of soup and bread, provided by the lovely populace of Dragonsfire Tor on Friday night.

Elfsea Academie Graduation

The Academie of Elfsea is proud to invite one and all to witness our Graduation Ceremony of the first graduating class of Elfsea! Over the course of the previous months, the students of the Academie have been hard at work, attending courses pertaining to the Barony of Elfsea and the Kingdom of Ansteorra, learning the skills needed to fully enjoy all that the SCA has to offer.

We are proud to introduce these graduates to the populace at large, and look forward to seeing their progress as they continue on with their endeavors within the SCA.

Youth Birthday Party


Come and Go Bead and Jewelry Workshop

Join Baroness Lauretta d'Avenporte to learn something new or repair your wounded and broken jewelry! Use of tools and knowledge are free, donations are accepted for the use of materials. This will be an adults only workshop.