Getting Started

Greetings! Please, take a look around and see what we have to offer. This page is to help you get information on our organization and prepare you should you decide to join us at an event!

Your Teenager and the SCA

Your teenager has become active in the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Congratulations! Your teen has joined an organization where:

  • Courtesy is expected.
  • Learning is valued.
  • Creativity is encouraged.
  • Safety is stressed.
  • People are judged on their accomplishments and merits.
  • Elfsea Academie

    This Academie is focused on assisting newcomers to the SCA and the Barony, and helping them learn all about the SCA, the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and of course, our Barony of Elfsea and Canton of Dragonsfire Tor. We also want to welcome our newly arrived SCAers from other Kingdoms who now make their home in Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor.

    SCA Names

    Your S.C.A. name is the name you'll use at S.C.A. activities. The S.C.A. models itself on Europe as it was before 1600 A.D., so the name you pick should be one that might actually have been used then. However, you shouldn't adopt the name of a real historical person; the S.C.A. doesn't reenact the events of those times, so historical figures don't belong at S.C.A. events. Your SCA name should also be different from your legal name, to reflect the difference between your modern and S.C.A. identities...

    SCA Devices

    Your heraldic device (informally, your "coat of arms") is essentially your personal "logo," and identifies you the way a company's logo identifies the company. On a banner, it tells everyone you're at an event. On a shield, it tells who's on the field fighting. On tableware, it tells whose place it's at. On clothing, it tells who's in the clothing.