Ayesha at HomeBaroness Ayesha de WarwickHandmade hats and jewelry
Dragon's Fire ArmorySir Corwin von XantenArmor and equipment for SCA heavy combat
Iron Cross TailorLord RaferMen's garb - tunics, robes, pants, and cloaks
Magpie EclecticaJewelry, fiber, miscellaneous SCA goods
Traveling Star[javascript protected information]
Vardo Rose PhotographyLady Sidheag SorchaPosed portraits before a blue/green screen with digitally added backgrounds
Wolf and Lynx Trading CompanyCapten Rhys and Lady AriT-shirts and miscellaneous wares

If you are interested in merchanting at Coronation, please contact Gräfin Amelot Lisette de Blammont [javascript protected information] or by phone at [javascript protected information]