King's Champion Tourney
For those who are willing to serve as King's Champion to His Highness Gabriel II, upon His ascension to the Sable Throne, His Highness will be holding a grand tourney to test the skill of all combatants.
The tourney will start at 10:00 am.
Everyone who enters gets five bouts guaranteed, because who doesn't love fighting?
  • Stage One - Fight for Fun
    • Five rounds
    • Speed style pairings
    • Bring your best style
    • Before each round, His Highness Gabriel will secretly write down the rules for the pairings, then read those rules after all combatant line up.
  • Stage Two - Fight to Serve
  • For stage two, the top scoring combatants who wish to proceed shall enter into a single elimination tourney. Double kills shall be fought over until one emerges a victor. The finals will be best two of three.
    • Top scoring combatants from Stage One, who wish to proceed, qualify
    • Single elimination tourney
    • Double kills continue to be fought until one emerges a victor
    • Bring your best style
    • Final round will be best of three bouts
    • Final victor will be declared King's Champion to His Highness Gabriel II
King's Dream Tourney
For those Youth Armored fighters who wish to present and display their skill at arms, His Highness Gabriel II is hosting a judged tournament.

The tourney will start at the same time as the King's Champion Tourney, alternating rounds with the King's Champion Tourney.

  • Five rounds
  • Combatants will face opponents selected by random draw
  • At the end of five rounds, His Highness Gabriel will select the victor who impresses Him the most with
    • Honor
    • Prowess
    • Heart
  • His Highness may request additional exhibition bouts to help Him choose.
Dirty Dozen Largess Derby
If you wish to enter the largess derby, please make twelve of any item to be donated as largess (12 pieces of trim, 12 hats, 12 toys, 12 pairs of socks, etc). The winner will be selected by populace vote and will receive one piece from all of the other entries. The remaining largess items will donated to Their Highnesses Gabriel and Sonja for use during their reign.

You can bring your largess items to Coronation (or send them with someone if you aren't able to make it). They will be displayed and the populace will vote at the event. Drop off times and voting end times are still to be determined, but drop off will be Saturday morning with voting throughout the day.

Need inspiration? Check out the "Largess Makers" and "Dirty Dozen Donation Derby" Facebook pages or searching for SCA Largess on Pinterest or Google brings up lots of fun ideas. Too much inspiration? Multiple entries are welcome!

If you have any questions, please contact Lady Uliana [javascript protected information] or by Facebook