Titled Competitions

Elfsea Defender in Chivalric
Format: Swiss Five, with the following weapon rounds:
  • 1. Great weapon
  • 2. Nine foot spear
  • 3. Two weapon
  • 4. Sword and shield
  • 5. Single sword

    This will be followed by a single elimination for the top eight who are vying for champion. Fighters may bring their best.

  • Elfsea Defender in Rapier
    Format: This year's Elfsea Defender rapier tournament is divided into two parts.

    Part I

    • This part will consist of five rounds.
    • At the beginning of each round, fighter pairings will be announced by the herald.
    • The combatants would then meet at the table of the list mistress where each would roll a special six-sided die. The die faces read single rapier/rapier and dagger/rapier and buckler/two rapiers/rapier and cloak/ an heraldic rose.
    • The combatants would then face one another with the roll of the die. The fighting style for the heraldic rose will be determined by the choice of Her Excellency or the List Mistress (however they choose to decide).
    • Double kills will be refought once; a second consecutive double kill would count as a loss for both combatants.

    Part II

    • The top four combatants during Part I will be paired in a best two-of-three semifinals.
    • The winners would then face one another in the finals. Fighting styles for each round will be the fighter's choice ("Bring your best").
    • During these rounds, double kills would be refought until a point has been won by a combatant.
    Elfsea Defender in Archery
    Format: TBD