Titled Competitions

Elfsea Defender in Archery
The Elfsea Archery Defender will take place approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Royal Huntsman.
There will be a minimum of two rounds, with extra rounds depending upon the number of participants and available time
Format for Round 1
Targets will be at 40 yards. There are three shoots in this round.

For the first shoot, you begin with 6 arrows. Each hit that scores in a standard scoring format will give you one point and the right to shoot that arrow again. Any arrows that do not score may not be fired in the following rounds.

For the second shoot, you get to use any scoring arrows from the first shoot.

For the third shoot, you get to use any scoring arrows from the first shoot.

Format for Round 2
Targets will be at 30 yards, and will be a 30-second timed round.

You may bring as many arrows as you can shoot in 30 seconds.

Scoring is arrow within the outer ring is one point, and arrow within bullseye is five points

Format for successive rounds
Other rounds will be at the current Defender's discrection.
Format for tie-breaker
In the event of a tie-breaking round, it will be a 6-arrow, string shoot at 30 yards. The tightest grouping wins.
Please submit all questions or inquiry for this tournament to Her Excellency Kermegan of Taransay [javascript protected information]