Titled Competitions

Elfsea Defender in Chivalric
Format: There will be 5 30-minute bearpits with the below styles:
  • 1. Single Sword
  • 2. Sword and Board
  • 3. Two Sword
  • 4. 6-foot spear
  • 5. Two handed sword (great or bastard sword)

    No limit on time/kills in the middle. Wounds do not carry between rounds.

    If the person with the most points has a 25 kill lead they are the victor. If not the at most 8 fighters within 25 points will fight for victory (tbd determined based on number of fighters in that spread)

  • Elfsea Defender in Rapier
    Format: Combatants will be expected to do battle with each combat style: single rapier, rapier & rigid parry, rapier & dagger, rapier & cloak, case of rapiers. Combatants may choose whatever order they fight but they are not to repeat a style unless number of combat rounds exceeds styles.
    Elfsea Defender in Archery
    Format: The tournament will come in two parts:
  • 1. Shooters will be scored across multiple standard targets. Once the scores are tallied, the top shooters (# depends on people present) will move on to round two.
  • 2. Shooters will be paired and competing shot for shot in an elimination style tournament. Last Archer standing will be the champion.