Royal Huntsman
Their Majesties invite all archers, far and wide, to come shoot in the Ansteorran Royal Huntsman tournament, until the final round
The shoot will be target archery only. Please note that no loaner gear will be supplied.
Please contact the outgoing Huntsman, HL Cera ingen Fháeláin [javascript protected information] or by phone [javascript protected information] with any questions regarding the Royal Huntsman tournament.

"Drinking" Champion for Her Excellency Cassandra
Her Excellency Cassandra is seeking those who may aid her in the coming year, when she is presented with adult beverages of which she does not partake. The competition will simulate the "effects" of alcohol inebriation, minus the actual content. As the champion may be requested to inbibe for Her Excellency Cassandra, any interested competitor must be 21 years of age or older.
Look here in the coming days for more details.
Newcomer's Chivalric Tourney
As with many things hosted by House Stonefalcon, expect a fun and challenging tourney.
Format: Bear Pit
For the tournament, those individuals who are not in one of the following categories are eligible to enter:
  • Member of the Chivalry (Knight or Master of Arms)
  • Centurion of the Sable Star (or equivalent grant level fighting award from another kingdom)
  • Squire to a Knight
  • Winner of a major (Kingdom or Baronial) tournament
The bear pit will last 45 minutes to 1 hour. The top 4 or 8 scoring combatants, depending upon the total number of entrants, will then progress to a ladder style tournament - single elimination in best of three bouts.