Cut and Thrust Tournament

The C&T tourney will be standard rules. All entrants are responsible for their own hand protection; all combatants involved in a bout involving a two-handed weapon must wear rigid hand protection or yield the point. The tourney format will depend on the number of entrants.

This tournament takes place Sunday morning.

Largesse Derby

7 of any item that will be donated as largess. The winner will receive 1 piece from all of the entries. The remaining largess with be split between Their Majesties and Their Excellencies.

The largess coordinator is Lady Ysabel. She can be contacted at

Regalia Derby

6 like items of Baronial or Kingdom insignia per entry with multiple entries allowed. There will be a prize for the winning entry.

Baronial Awards needed: Eastern Tower, Keystone, and Grail. Other awards are the Portcullis and the Western Tower.

All kingdom awards are neede

The regalia coordinator is Lady Ysabel. She can be contacted at

Youth Chivalric Tournament


Youth Archery


Youth Rapier Tournament


Thrown Weapons Tournament

This will be a three score throw with the top five throwing off for the victory.