Largesse Derby

To participate in the "Elfsea Eight Largesse Derby", please supply 8 items (alike, similar, or different) that are suitable for SCA Largesse. Documentation is NOT required. Please label each item with your name, home group, home Kingdom, and any other information you’d like to share about your item. A table will be set up near Gate where participants may place their entries any time before 11:00 am on Saturday.

Lady Jodis Finnrsdottir will be selecting three members of the populace to judge the largess derby. After voting has finished, one of each entry will be placed in a "Winner’s Basket". This basket will be presented to the overall winner of the competition in Court. The remaining largesse items will be donated to the Barony of Elfsea to be used as Their Excellencies see fit.

New Comers Tournament

New comers, meaning those with 2 years or less experience fighting and has never won a tournament before, are encouraged to come out and fight in our New Comers Tournament sponsored by Sir Daire de Haya. This is a time to come out and show the Barony what you got!

Youth Chivalric Tournament
Torneo dei Draghi "Tournament of the Dragon"
There will be a Youth Chivalric Tournament at Elfsea Defender sponsored by His Excellency, Baron Kazimierz and his wife, Lady Antonia. These are His Excellency's words:

"Greetings Ansteorra,

At Elfsea Defender this year, taking place on April 6th 2019, my wife, Lady Antonia Visconti and I, are sponsoring a Youth Armored Combat tournament in Honor of my son's memory. This tournament is called the Torneo dei Draghi, the Tournament of Dragons. It will be a celebration of the Knightly Virtues for the youth of our fair Kingdom.

My son Mario, also known as "Dragano Chavaleri" and "Mighty Mario the Mini Mangler," loved SCA Youth Armored Combat fighting. He faced each fight with an enthusiasm I wish I could muster. He never backed down from an opponent on the field, never yielded, and fought with joy. In contrast, Dragano was gentle with younger fighters. Willing to accept any touch-kill so that the younger fighter could experience the joy of victory. While Dragano loved winning, he always placed the Chivalric virtues above victory. He left this world with his Honor intact.

While Dragano now fights in the Lysts of Fiddler's Green, I want his Spirit to continue to live on through the Youth Boffer Program. To this end, I am sponsoring a tournament for all divisions of Youth Chivalric combat to take place at Elfsea Defender 2019.

If you are a youth Chivalric Armored Combat Warrior, or a parent of one, please consider attending this event. We are planning to make this tournament something special. In that spirit, here are some of the events planned for them.

There will be a reading from the "Book of Chivalry" exclusively for the youth before the tournament begins. The entrants will process into the Lyst with any heraldry they bring with them. Participants are encouraged to bring a herald with them to announce their great deeds to the Kingdom. Should they not have someone in attendance that day to herald them onto the field, I will have Nobles willing to assist them with their grand entrance. We are planning multiple scenarios for the youth to showcase their Prowess, Honor, Enthusiasm and all of the Knightly Virtues they are striving to attain.

There will be one victor in each age division, chosen by me and my wife with input from selected onlookers. Prize baskets worthy of future Knights, Kings and Queens will be awarded.

This will be a day for our children that they will remember for a long time. Please consider bringing them to attend.

Please tag people and share with groups that would be interested.

In Service,
Kazimierz Zlowieszczy
Baron of Elfsea, Lord of Dragonsfire Tor,
Father of Dragano Chavaleri"

Youth Rapier Tournament

We are having a Youth Rapier Tournament at Elfsea Defender!! Baron William Palfrey has gracious sponsor the tournament. The format will be determined based upon number and age of entrants. The tournament will begin at 2:30. It will be after the youth boffer tourney so that the fighters can participate in both.

The format will be determined based upon number and age of entrants. The tournament will begin at 2:30. We are after the youth boffer tourney so that the fighters can participate in both tournaments if they would like.

Knives, Axe, and Spear Throwing Tournament

There will be a knife, axe, and spear throwing tournament.