Largesse Derby Competition

All Participants will supply TWELVE of the same crafted item for judging. The items should all be similar, if not identical. For example, you could do twelve separate bookmarks but have each one with a different colored tassel. The items (bookmarks) are the same, but the color/design variations are not limited.

Each of the twelve items should be tagged with the maker’s Name, Home Group, and Kingdom. A brief description, on an index card, should be included with the entry.

Judging will be a blind vote of the populace using covered containers and voting tokens (might be beads, might be coins). Voting tokens will be handed out at Troll to all paying attendees upon sign in, this is the only time they will be given out and the only item accepted as a vote. Please don’t lose yours!

Once voting has ceased, and the tokens counted, one of each entry will be placed in a "Winner’s Basket". This basket will be presented to the overall winner of the competition in Court. The remaining largesse items will be donated to the Barony of Elfsea to be used as Their Excellencies see fit.

Please submit all questions to Jordis of House Stonefalcon by phone at [javascript protected information]