Spring Maypole Celebration
We have no doubt that we will be blessed with warmer weather and lighter spirits. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, House Stonefalcon's Lady Gwenfrewi ferch yr Albanwer will be bringing a maypole for two celebrations! One specifically for the youth of Ansteorra, and one later for the adults.
Here is the preliminary schedule. Look for more information - subject to change based on availability of supplies.
12:00 pm to 1:30 pmMask and garland making
3:00 pm to 4:00pm Youth Maypole
Please send your questions to Lady Liaden Orlanderson [javascript protected information]
Convocation of the Order of Chivalry
Schedule subject to the pleasure of Their Majesties
Convocation of the Order of the Arc d'Or
Schedule subject to the pleasure of Their Majesties
Saturday Morning - Breakfast in the Hall
Lady Eleanor of Forth Castle will be serving breakfast, consisting of sausage breakfast casserole (ingredients available upon request), juice, tea, and coffee.

Monetary donations will be accepted to cover the cost of ingredients, with any additional funds left to be donated to the Barony of Elfsea.

Menu subject to change based on availability of ingredients and the whim of the cook.
Sunday Morning - Breakfast with the Baron
Please join His Excellency William, Baron of Elfsea, for breakfast in the hall. To make this a bit "Stone Soup" style, His Excellency encourages you to bring things to share.

Have 3 muffins and an egg to share? Bring them along!
Out of eggs, but you have some fresh fruit leftover? Bring it!
Leftover chips and a block of cheese? Trust me! Sombody will eat it!

Menu will vary based on what is brought forth for sharing