Elfsea College XVII

June 27th, 2015 Anno Domini, being Anno Societatis L

Elfsea Baronial College is hosted on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University in the Ella C. McFadden Science Center (building 12 in the campus map). Parking is in area A (on Wesleyan Street).

  • For anyone coming to the event via Rosedale Street - except for a section closer to 820, the construction is completed!
  • There appear to be only two options for anyone who would like to eat lunch off site: the Mexican Inn Cafe at 2700 E. Lancaster Ave. (about 1.5 miles from the event) and a Subway on Rosedale, a block and half from the event. On the campus map it is next to the college bookstore, building #18.
  • In addition to parking lot A, additional parking is available (in a fenced in lot, large enough for trailers) along Avenue E, across Wesleyan St. from our event. On the campus map it is Lot "N".
  • The building has a side entrance with a paved driveway, so we can offload items there instead of having to carry them over from the parking lot.
  • Someone on Facebook asked about nearby hotel accommodations. if anyone has suggestions please let Diana or I know or respond on Facebook to Lady Runa.
  • Feel free to bring along personal pop ups for the outdoor area beside the McFadden building to relax and enjoy the outdoor classes taking place!