Elfsea College XVII

June 27th, 2015 Anno Domini, being Anno Societatis L

Elfsea Artisan Competition

The Barony is calling on the Artisans of Ansteorra to help us celebrate Elfsea Artisan & Baronial College and Investiture by entering in the Artisan Competition.

Artisans may set up their displays from 8:00 am till 10:00 am. As we get closer to the event this time may be subject to change.

From Countess Deanna della Penna, the format for this year's Artisan Competition is

  • Have you ventured out of your comfort zone to create something? Have you developed a brand-new skill? Has a certain piece challenged you as an artist and forced you to grow?
  • Bring one piece, completed within the last year, and which incorporates the color "blue" for Elfsea, if possible.
  • Documentation is encouraged. In it, please additionally convey how this particular item has encouraged your personal growth as an artist.
  • We encourage participants to pre-register for the Artisan Competition. To pre-register, please send your SCA name, mundane name, and what you are entering to [javascript protected information] or message her on Facebook at Aaliz du Lac.

Elfsea Bard Competition

Elfsea is calling for the bards to gather, To entertain us with their tales of yore.
Elfsea is calling for the bards to gather,
To compete for the title of the Barony's Champion.
Yes, Elfsea is calling for the bards to gather,
And where shall they gather?
At Elfsea Baronial College, of course.

From Don Brian O'hUilliam, the format for this year's Bardic Competition is

  • First round: Period piece or period style. Documentation strongly encouraged.
  • Second round: A piece that honors Elfsea, Dragonsfire Tor, or any of its members. If you do not have a piece that quite fits that theme, then please present a piece honoring Ansteorra or its people.
  • If necessary, a final round of the top performers will be bard's choice.

Cheesecake Competition

The rules for the Cheesecake Competition are:

  • The cheesecake must be homemade
  • You may use a non-period or period recipe
  • It can be a traditional cheesecake, or you can get creative with it
  • Please list the ingredients on a 3x5 note card

The judging will begin at 11:30 AM, and the cheesecakes will need to be placed on the contest table between 11:00 AM and 11:30 AM. Unfortunately, there is no refrigeration on site to store the cheesecakes. If you need ot keep your cheesecake cool, you will need to bring your own ice chest.

After the contest, the cheesecakes will be served as part of the desserts at the Sideboard Luncheon. If you have an questions, please contact [javascript protected information] or message her on Facebook.