Elfsea Baronial College 2019

Saturday October 26 8:00am-9:00pm

Elfsea Artisan

Rules: The theme of this year's competition is "Pleasant Surprises." Though what is considered "pleasant" is up to you! We would like a single piece entry. Documentation is gladly welcome but it is not required (though it recommended to leave at least a card with your name, group, a short piece description and what the surprise is). However, to enter you MUST teach a class at the Baronial College. The class topic does not have to be directly related to your entry piece.

Set up for entries begins at 8:00 am and should ideally be completed by 9:30 - 9:45 am.

Their Excellencies ask that their Artisan commit to representing them at any A&S competition during their tenure that will have a Tournament of Champions style format or any A&S competition where nobles would sponsor a champion.

To sign up for the Artisan competition, or to volunteer to teach a class, please fill out this form.

Elfsea Bard

The Bardic competition will begin at 1:00 pm. Their Excellencies expect entrants to have three pieces prepared, two of which will be performed and the third held in reserve if necessary. Any who are able to utilize the theme of Pleasant Surprises with one or more of their pieces will have more weight in the consideration. Sign-ups for the competition will be on site at Gate and close at noon.

Costuming Competition!!

The theme is 'Team Pride' - no matter who or what your team is, show your pride with your SCA clothing! All 'teams' are welcome - SCA groups, sports teams, fan clubs, etc. There are no limits - have fun and show your pride! There will be prizes for Adults and Kids!