Order of Precedence

Order of Precedence is a sequential hierarchy of rank. In the SCA, this takes the form of recognition of awards received, the rank of the award and when the person received it. In formal events, the Order of Precedence plays a part in how members of the SCA relate to each other. For example: in Crown tournament, combatants and their consorts are presented to the crown before the tournament in Order of Precedence.

If you don't appear on this list then you don't have your Group set to Elfsea (or Dragonsfire Tor) in the OP. You'll need to contact the Zodiacus Herald to fix it.

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Populace of Elfsea: 0

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Name Precedence

Populace of Dragonsfire Tor: 27

Name Precedence
Aaliz du Lac1520160514
Aaron Kilkenny1920110430
Angus Patrick de Ruthven1520110430
Arthur James Kirkland1920130323
Barekr Bjorgeirson1919990213
Cairistiona Mac Laine1920140517
Cairistiona nic Laren1820030426
Desirata Dupre of Dragonsfire Tor1220040410
Diana the Just1520150404
Eoghan mac Cinatha1520020209
Franklin Whitenhale of Cheshire1220180407
Genevieve del Gamba1220060318
Guyon Dupre1220170429
Isobel of Dragonsfire Tor1919960928
Janie of Dragonsfire Tor1120160514
Katarina von Danzig1919990213
Lauretta d'Avenporte1120140405
Logathar of Dragonsfire Tor1520020629
Mattis Ammann1920141206
Murron MacCionaodha1920120512
Ravenger Wulvkin1520160521
Seanan mac Tighearnain1520020209
Simone Maurian O'Dunlaingh1519990925
Thomas de Ruthven1519940430
Ulf Nach dem Tor1520150516
Vitoria della Torre1920110521
William MacCionaodha1920120512
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