Peers of Elfsea

Directly beneath this "landed" nobility (current and former royalty) rank the highest awards, the Peerages. The SCA has three orders of peerage: the Order of Chivalry, awarded for skill at arms; the Order of the Laurel, awarded for skill in the arts and sciences; and the Order of the Pelican, awarded for outstanding service to the Society.

Peerages are bestowed by the Crown (the Sovereign and Consort) of a Kingdom. In most cases, this is done with the consent of the members of a given peerage, often at their suggestion. The Society's Bylaws state that "the Crown may elevate subjects to the Peerage by granting membership in one of the Orders conferring a Patent of Arms, after consultation with the members of the Order within the Kingdom, and in accordance with the laws and customs of the kingdom. Restriction: to advance a candidate to the Order of Knighthood, a Knight of the Society (usually the King) must bestow the accolade".

This is a list of Peers of the Society that play or played in Elfsea.

Knights of the Society

Terans den Sjofarende1977-06-26
Inman MacMoore1984-03-03
Seamus of the Cats1985-04-28
Arthur of the Fen1986-09-27
Gunthar Jonsson1990-05-26
Alaric Drake1999-03-06
Timotheos Kalamanos1999-05-29
Asoph Hearts2000-02-12
Virgil von Augsburg2003-07-12
Gabriel of Maccuswell2003-08-15
Tomas Niallagain2006-07-08
Lochlan Dunn2009-10-24
Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza2012-06-02
Rikardr Sveinsson2013-06-08
Cathal Finn O Briain2013-09-28
Daire de Haya2014-04-05

Pelicans of the Society

Inman MacMoore1993-01-09
Richard Fairbourne1999-07-10
Xene Theriane2000-05-28
Rosalia di Bellavita2003-05-24
Michelle Chantal de Charente2004-12-04
Robert Fitzmorgan2005-01-08
Stella Silvana2005-01-08
Caelin on Andrede2006-05-27
Druinne de Salesberie2009-07-11
Asoph Hearts2011-05-14
Ameline du Bois2012-10-20
Sebastian Eton Frobishire2013-08-17
Amelot Lisette2017-09-02

Laurels of the Society

Terans den Sjofarende1981-04-05
Athena Mawrcan Derwen Ddu1989-07-01
Inman MacMoore1992-11-21
Stella Silvana1996-09-28
Xene Theriane1998-09-26
Darius of the Bells2001-09-22
Ameline du Bois2006-11-11
Gunthar Jonsson2008-05-24
Hanna van Dahl2009-03-18
Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea2015-07-11
Aelfwyn Webbestre2019-09-21