Representatives of the Crown

In general a B&B agrees to serve at least a two year term. They serve until they decide to step down. Likewise, the Crown, at their decision and at any time, may ask a B&B to step down.

The procedure to select a new B&B varies over time. The detail of a selection process is handled by the current Kingdom Seneschal and Crown. Sometime there is an unofficial nonbinding polling of the populace to see who the Barony would prefer. However, a Crown can choose anyone they see who they believe will maintain, protect, and grow the barony. As mentioned earlier, a B&B could sit for many years and see many Crowns.

A Vicar and/or Vicaress are the temporary representatives of the Crown of Ansteorra who will sit in lieu of a Baron or Baroness. Also appointed by the Crown; their length of service is at the discretion of the Crown. They have most of the powers and obligations of a sitting landed B&B.


NameStart DateEnd Date
B&B Kazimierz Zlowieszczy 2018-09-01 Current
B&B William Palfrey 2015-06-27 2018-09-01
V&V Alaric Drake 2014-12-06 2015-04-11
B&B Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote 2014-04-06 2015-06-27
B&B Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza 2010-12-12 2014-04-05
B&B Daire de Haya 2007-09-23 2010-12-11
B&B Armand Dragonetti 2003-09-28 2007-09-22
V&V Armand Dragonetti 2003-05-03 2003-09-27
B&B Daniel Stewart de Guthre 2002-04-05 2003-04-26
B&B Galen of Bristol 2000-05-14 2002-04-04
B&B Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea 1996-09-29 2000-05-13
B&B Seamus of the Cats 1993-12-04 1996-09-28
V&V Seamus of the Cats 1993-01-23 1993-12-03
B&B Arthur of the Fen 1989-12-30 1993-01-22


NameStart DateEnd Date
Katheryn Margarete de Ryes 2018-09-01 Current
Cassandra Palfrey 2015-06-27 2018-09-01
Sibri de Aldebourne 2014-12-06 2015-04-11
Elspeth de Stervlen 2014-04-04 2015-06-27
Amalia Zavattini 2010-12-11 2013-04-06
Druinne de Salesberie 2007-09-22 2010-12-11
Ameline du Bois 2003-09-27 2007-09-22
Ameline du Bois 2003-05-03 2003-09-27
Siobhan Ui Niall 2002-04-04 2003-04-26
Alessandra Beatrice Desiderio 2000-05-13 2002-04-04
Zara Zina Theanos 1996-09-28 2000-05-13
Margery de Bray 1993-12-03 1996-09-28
Margery de Bray 1993-01-22 1993-12-03
Robyn Murchadha 1989-12-30 1993-01-09