Elfsea News

This is where the populace of Elfsea can recieve news relating to the barony.

Quarterly Message from Their Excellencies of Elfsea
2019-10-10 11:28:00

Greetings unto Our friends and family in Elfsea and those neighbors We hold dear!

We will forswear any musings about the weather within Our beloved Barony (it's hot) and instead We will leap right in to talks about all the great things happening in the Kingdom, and more specifically, Our Barony.

So many wonderful things have transpired in the past few months, where do We begin?

Let Us begin by welcoming our new Elfsea Officers. Webminister: Duke Gabriel of Maccuswell, Minister of Children: Sir Arthur of the Fen, Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Dearbhail inghen Muirdoch and Herald: Lady Valka Flokadottir. Thank you for volunteering for this service to the Barony and We look forward to working with each of you.

To Our outgoing Officers, Lady Meredith, Lady Mavis, Lady Gwennilyan... you have Our gratitude. A Barony is only as strong as its Officers and populace and you each helped fortify this Barony through your service. Well done and Vivat!

And with change comes... travel - and boy, have We ! Locally, We have attended a very successful Baronial Bazaar, headed up by our newly appointed Minister of Arts & Sciences, Lady Dearbhail inghen Muirdoch. Many things were bought, sold and traded and We look forward to the next.

We have traveled to the lands of Namron to become educated and authorized in the ways of siege engines in battle. It is Our hope that Elfsea wilI one day boast one (or more) siege engines at events, showing that Elfsea is a force to be reckoned with in siege as well as the other fields of combat.

After returning from Namrom We co-hosted Braggart's War with Our Cousins of the Steppes and Bonwicke, with MUCH success. Our bodies were exhausted, and Our coffers expanded. Good work to all who volunteered or worked Braggart's War this year. It could not have happened without all of you working together as a Barony to make this a success. Oh yes, the unicorns proved victorious. Much to Baroness Kat's displeasure. Better luck next year!

After Braggart's We got a slight rest, We attended Elfsea Academie's latest class and came away with new ideas and information. Our last few classes have been some of the most popular to date and our social media presence is growing each month. Jeanne-Marie, Melodie, and Valka are all doing a wonderful job and their service is appreciated.

Having rested for more than a few days, We knew We needed to be on the move again. With that in mind, We attended Ansteorra’s 40th Year. There was a delicious feast, honorable fighting, exciting music, shops with wonderful wares, and a packed Grand Court. One activity stands out just a bit more to Us than all the others. We were so incredibly proud to have been able to sponsor Jeanette de Hatchett (the fighter formerly known as Aila) in both youth chivalric and youth rapier. Not only did she fight well, but she served as an example of chivalry and honor on the field. To say that she fought admirably would be an understatement. We could not be more proud of this young lady and can only imagine what she might someday accomplish within the Society.

Upon returning home, We rested but a few days before attending an Elfsea Project Day, which was as fun as it was productive. We believe there were four projects near completion at the end of the day, and although weary, We could have stayed and visited into the wee hours. But alas it was time to head home and once again rest .

So many miles, so many events! And We have loved every minute of it. So much so that We intend to attend the following Baronial and Kingdom events:

  • Elfsea Academie - October 1st
  • Mad Pattern Day - October 5th
  • Elfsea's Inventory Day - October 6th
  • FalI Coronation - October 12th
  • DFT Populace in the Park and Fighter Practice - October 13th
  • Elfsea Baronia l College - October 26th
  • Elfsea Academie - November 5th
  • Boyscout Jamboree Demo - November 9th
  • Bonwicke Fall Champions - November 16th
  • War of the Rams - November 23rd
  • Elfsea Academie - December 3rd
  • Dragonsfire Tor's Yule Reve l - December 7th
  • Elfsea's Christmas Party - December 14th
  • Steppe's 12th Night - January 4th

While We understand that not everyone is able to travel and attend all these events, We do hope to get to spend time with you when you can. We are not sure you understand just how much We love this Barony (you) and the family it has become to Us. We look forward to spending time with you, while playing this game together and living this wonder filled Dream.

In Service,
Kazimierz and Katheryn
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea
Lord and Lady of Dragonsfire Tor
Kingdom of Ansteorra


September Letter
2017-09-15 07:57:13

Greetings to the good gentles of Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor,

When you read this, we will all be resting from what is sure to be a wonderful Braggart’s War.  We will have a full list of thank yous and word fame in next month’s Tidings. 

We can’t rest too long.  Baronial College will be at the end of the month.  We are very pleased with the work Lady Eleanor and Lord Hadamar are doing to give us a great event.  Please take the opportunity to attend a class or two!

We will also be selecting our new Artisan and Bard.  Contact us if you are interested in competing for either honor.  We expect competitors for Artisan to also teach a class at College.  The class does not have to be on the same material that you have entered.  Competitors for Bard should have four pieces prepared.

This is another busy month.  Have fun and be safe!

William and Cassandra
Baron and Baroness

August Letter
2017-08-20 21:36:37

Greetings to the good gentles of Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor,

We have heirs and they are local!  Congratulations to Prince Lochlan Dunn and Princess Gwen verch Cynwrig de Insula Mona!  We had a wonderful vacation and are very excited to be back home.  We have so much going on within the Barony:

Braggart’s War

Baronial College

New Weekend Fighter Practices

Elfsea Academie

We’re having wonderful participation at Populace meetings and our Guilds are staying strong.  We are so very pleased with how the Barony is going and truly believe you are the pearl of the Kingdom.

There’s plenty to do.  Let’s have fun!                                                                 

William and Cassandra
Baron and Baroness

Populace Meeting Format Change
2016-11-15 19:42:26

We enjoyed the format for last month's populace meeting. It was informal and involved some great discussion. We have spoken with our incoming Seneschal, Master Caelin, and have decided to change the format for the meetings.

Meetings will now be a presentation of information and recognition from us and then a presentation/discussion of Baronial business by the officers and led by Master Caelin. These meetings will be in mundane attire.

The last month of each quarter will be in a court setting as we have done for this first year of our term. March, June, September and December will have court and garb will be encouraged but not required.

This change begins with this month's meeting.

William and Cassandra 
Baron and Baroness

2016-07-10 14:10:42

Did everyone feel the change in the air yesterday?  We didn’t just have a northern storm come through, we have a northern Prince and Princess!  Congratulations to Prince Jason and Princess Margherita!  We are looking forward to working with them and getting to know them better.

Count Creppin has been selected to join the Order of the Chivalry.  We are very excited by this; it is a well-deserved honor.

We hope to see many of you at Roundtable this weekend.  It is local, in Glaslyn.  This is a great opportunity to see how the Kingdom works and take some much needed officer training.

William and Cassandra

Baron and Baroness

Well Done and Looking Ahead
2016-05-24 14:26:54

Greetings Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor,

Thank you for all of the hard work you have put in over the past two months. We held four events in a month and a half! The event stewards did a great job leading the effort. It was the work of many people that pushed these events into greatness. Add to these events all of the prep work, A&S workshops, guild meetings and fighter practices… whew!

Please take time to recharge and take care of yourselves. Warlord is this weekend and will be a great time for us to enjoy a wonderful event hosted by our good neighbor. In June, some folks will be heading down to Emerald Keep and others up to Namron for King’s College. We have a somewhat quiet time for the next month or so. Let’s use it to get ourselves ready for the next round of activities.

Fairly soon we will begin planning for Baronial College, the Arlington Demo, and the Boy Scout Demo in October and November. We’ll also be planning for DFT Yule Revel and Tournament of Champions in December.

We are so pleased with how this group works and travels together. We truly speak about you with pride as we visit with the other Baron and Baronesses. Thank you again for everything you do to make the Barony and Canton great.

William and Cassandra

Baron and Baroness

Queen’s Champion and Guardian of the Tor
2016-05-12 23:04:19

The Barony, especially Dragonsfire Tor, has a busy two weeks about to begin.  They are hosting Queen’s Champion this weekend for Her Majesty Sonja.  This will be a great day.  His Excellency will be joining the rapier community in his first rapier tournament.  Why not step out onto the biggest stage for your debut?  We will have Baronial shade and you are welcome to join us under the pavilion.

Queen’s Champion will be followed by Guardian of the Tor.    We are looking forward to Guardian as this will be our final ‘first’ as B&B.  The Tor always puts on a great event.  We see new Champions made in Chivalric, Rapier and Archery.  We suggest you start hydrating now for the traditional bear pit.  We will also be selecting a new Bard for Dragonsfire Tor.  Choosing a bard is one of our favorite activities.

Please make plans to join us.

William and Cassandra

Baron and Baroness

Lord and Lady of Dragonsfire Tor

B&B Note - Welcome and Thanks!
2016-04-21 22:27:11

Welcome to all of the new folks we have been seeing over the past couple of months.  You have joined the Barony during a very busy time – Gulf Wars, Defender, Coronation – and our Canton of Dragonsfire Tor will be hosting Queen’s Champion and their own event Guardian of the Tor.  Whew!

Several of us will be attending Glaslyn this weekend.  We will be bringing the travel pavilion on Saturday.  We are planning a potluck lunch.  Please see the thread on the Elfsea Facebook page.

William and Cassandra

Baron and Baroness

Here are the links for upcoming events:

Glaslyn Defender of the Flame



Queen’s Champion




Baron and Baroness are Online!
2016-04-21 22:22:47

Many thanks go to our wonderful Web Minister, Baron Alejandro, for his patience and support with getting us online!  Look here regularly for updates and other news of importance to the Barony.

Society Waiver Requirements
2015-07-20 19:34:28

From the desk of the Seneschal, Lady Aoife

The following is a synopsis of information provided at the recent Roundtable regarding new Society-level requirements for waivers. 

1. Waiver forms must be filled out in their entirety

2. After each event, practice, or activity, the waiver must be filed with the kingdom waiver secretary within 10 days. This includes any practices. There is no exception.  Youth combat must follow the same requirements.

3. If no waivers were needed because everybody had a blue card, the Marshal running the activity is still required to turn in the form with a statement to that effect.

4. After each activity, a copy must be provided to the waiver secretary at waivers@seneschal.ansteorra.org and the Barony's Seneschal at seneschal@elfsea.ansteorra.org

5. Deputies for Rapier/Chiv, persons performing youth combat functions, or extra practices requiring waivers must comply with this requirement as well.  Please work with the assigned Marshal to ensure the forms are in by the 10th day following practice.

These requirements are in effect immediately and are non-negotiable. There are rather stiff penalties if we do not comply, up to, and including loss of privileges regarding practices, events, and the ability to be a Barony. The current Rapier Marshal and Knight Marshal have and understand the details, so please contact them (or me) with any follow-up questions. 

Knight Marshal will need deputies, if you are interested in learning the position, contact Lord Herries at marshal@elfsea.ansteorra.org.

 Rapier Marshal is open for applications.  If interested, submit an application to me at Seneschal@elfsea.ansteorra.org, and courtesy copy Herr Andreas at rapier@elfsea.ansteorra.org

Thanks to each of you for continuing to make Elfsea a fun place to pursue this dream. 

​Vivat, Team Elfsea!​

In Service,
Lady Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill
Seneschal, Barony of Elfsea

Kingdom Communication Requirements
2015-07-20 19:31:57

From the desk of the Seneschal, Lady Aoife:

The following information is a synopsis of communication requirements as provided at the recent Roundtable. The Baronial Officer Corps has received this in a separate email.   I want each of you to feel comfortable communicating with your officers (local, central, and kingdom) as well as be comfortable with requirements should you choose to fill an office position.

1. No business is to be conducted via Personal Email. Use kingdom and baronial emails only. Do not contact kingdom officers with business items via Facebook, personal email, or text. It is not official and it will not be answered.

2. The only official forms of business communication are the email listserv and the local and Kingdom newsletters.

3. Facebook is not an official form of business communication. However, it is a great way, to expand the reach of a message.

4. If you post official business to Facebook, you need to make sure that you follow two requirements: 
(a) List the same information through the official channels, such as the email listserv. 
(b) Ensure that it is very clear that what is being posted to Facebook is coming from your office or explain your authority for posting the business.

Please ​note that  these regulations are in place and effective immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me the seneschal email address.

In Service,
Lady Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill
Seneschal, Barony of Elfsea

A New Chapter in Elfsea
2015-06-27 18:43:29

After their service to the Barony, Gerhart and Elspeth stepped down as Baron and Baroness in morning court today.

Then, His Royal Majesty Sven, and Her Royal Majesty Antigone - in abstentia, invested William and Cassandra Palfrey as the new Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, at Baronial College today.

Life is good in Elfsea!

A Message From the B&B
2015-04-13 12:04:41

Greetings Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor, it was a beautiful Saturday, filled with elevations, a coronation that was beautifully done, a new peerage begun, and much more. The day was filled with beauty, and we were blessed to sit with the best barony and canton.

Many of you were there to bear witness to our news, and we are sure there are many questions. We will answer those we can. Know this, we are proud to be Baron and Baroness, as well as Lord and Lady. The coming months will be filled with joy, and tears, and we will meet both head on, with all of you with us. We will write a more lengthy notice soon, but this we will say now: thank you. Thank you for your support, your hard work and your dedication to Elfsea and the Tor. Thank you, Quintus Aurelius Dracontius AkaDrake and Sibri for their guidance and their dedication. Thank you for continuing to make life good.

In service,

Gerhart and Elspeth

Springfaire Appreciation
2015-04-06 11:53:14

Springfaire Appreciation:

As we close out the books and reports on Springfaire 2015, it is important to remember that an awful lot of work (planning, practical, physical) went into each activity within the event. I cannot possibly say thank you enough to the many people that deserve it, but do know that each of you made my first event fun and memorable.

Special honors to Stephen Schubert, one helluva co-Steward. There is no way this could have gone so smoothly without him sitting through multiple planning sessions, and towards the end, filling in many gaps. Thank you. Much love, Friend.

Caelin on Andredes-- you were the perfect Keystone for us. You make people think that you did nothing, but if anyone knew the hours you spent listening to me and going through "the book", they would not envy your position. I am grateful for your wisdom and guidance.

And now, the innovative and hardworking team who actually made this event happen. They worked together, covered one another, helped with multiple projects and performed admirably. They operated both individually and as a unit-- and they very much rocked it.

On-site coordinator and jack of all trades: Diana Warner
Herald Prime/Rapier: Andrew Mizener
Royal Liaison: Lisa Perkins, (Amy Rich/Laura Hodnett)
Youth Rapier & Princess Tea: Jhan Knebel
Invitations: Rhonda Swanson
Royal Sideboard/Merchants: Joe Pelfrey
Site Tokens: Sharon Pelfrey
Gift Baskets/Academie Graduation: Ashley Bowman
Gate: Aaliz du Lac
Security: Colleen O'Kelly
Set-up/Tear Down: Mark Miller & Herries
Chivalric: Stephen Hays
Newbie Chivalric: Jeremy Norwood
Chiv Lyst Mistress/Royal Liaison: Laura Young Hodnett
Rapier Lyst Mistress: Kayla Jade Foster
Archery Marshal: Richard Threlkeld
Heraldic Display/Academie Graduation: Michele Hays
Bardic: Forest Evergreen
Travelers Fare/Shared Meals: Franklin Whitenhale
Youth Combat: Sandra J Geil
Easter Egg Hunt: Rachel Schubert

There were many, many volunteers throughout the course of the event--- I will certainly miss someone! Please know that if you volunteered for help with any aspect big or small, you had a great hand in the success of the event. You have our sincere gratitude for the unselfish giving of your time.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Lady Aoife
Event Steward

March News
2015-03-02 20:13:45

A Message from the Vicar and Vicaress

Unto the Barony of Elfsea and Canton of Dragonsfire Tor do 
Duke Drake and Countess Sibri send warmest greetings.

The weather has been terribly cold, but hopefully will be warming soon, and then it will be time for WAR! Duke Drake will be attending Gulf Wars this year. I know that many plans are being made to make Elfsea’s camp a wonderful home away from home again...(a meal plan, hot shower, etc) and it should be loads of fun. Good luck in your endeavors getting ready for war, whether it be repairing armor, sewing new garb or practicing your melee skills! There are lots of opportunities within the barony to help with those needs, or at least work together to have more fun while doing them. Be sure to volunteer at War, and log your hours. It is a great way to support your Kingdom while having fun giving back a little of your time.

We are looking forward to the end of March and our joint fighter practice with Steppes on the fifth Sunday. As of yet, plans are still in the works... this will discussed at the next Populace meeting. Steppes was a very gracious host last time, and I know that Elfsea will be as well!

Looking a little farther ahead, Elfsea Springfaire is being planned for the beginning of April. Lord Herries and Lady Aiofe are working hard, but I know they would appreciate all the help they can get. Many hands make light work, and we would love to showcase the great people of Elfsea. Please volunteer where you can.

There are many great events coming up now that Tourney season is almost upon us that are within a few hours drive of home. We hope to see you out and about!

Yours in Service,
Drake and Sibri

Populace Meeting Rescheduled
2015-02-24 14:37:34

Greetings, Elfsea.

The February 23rd populace meeting that was cancelled due to inclement weather has been rescheduled:

* Monday, March 2, 2015 at 7pm
* Bedford Public Library

Note: Members of the Finance Committee will meet at 6:30pm (same date/location) to discuss any bid(s) for baronial college.

I look forward to seeing each of you safe and ready to do business! Stay warm--- and thank you for continuing to make life good in Elfsea.

In Service,
Lady Aoife Ruadh Inghean Ragnaill
Acting Seneschal

Populace Meeting Cancelled
2015-02-23 02:38:08

Greetings, Elfsea.

Please note that the finance committee and populace meetings scheduled for tonight (2/23/2015) are officially cancelled.

I apologize for any inconvenience from the cancellation, but in good conscience, I could not ask anyone to come out and risk driving home in possibly worse conditions.

Both meetings will be rescheduled as soon as possible--- and all updates will be posted here, on the Barony's web page, send via email to the Elfsea listserv.

May each of you stay warm and safe as this weather pattern travels through.

In Service,
Lady Aoife Ruadh Inghean Ragnaill
Acting Seneschal


February News
2015-02-04 06:21:22

A Message from the Vicar and Vicaress

Warmest Greetings unto the Barony of Elfsea and Canton of Dragonsfire Tor,

The weather sure had its ups and downs this month. Hopefully everyone got out to partake in their favorite outdoor activity at least a few days! There were a lot of fun events in January. Round Table was a very well-run and informative event…thanks to all who helped that day. You did a wonderful job, and really showed off our barony in the best light. We enjoyed seeing our friends and neighbors at Steppes 12 th Night, and Crown Tourney gave us another homegrown crown. Vivat to TRH Sven and Antigone! The Populace meeting helped bring to light the need for baronial officers, and I know a few applications have been submitted to fill those needs. Thank you so much for stepping up!

Gulf Wars will soon be upon us, and pre-registration is open now through February 18th. Please pre-register if you are going and give your information to HE Sir Daire de Haya, who has graciously volunteered to act as Elfsea’s Land Steward. The more who pre-register, the more land we get to have at War! Daire has given out information on our Facebook page, and I have cross posted it on the email list. His email is: dairedehaya@gmail.com He needs to know your mundane name, sca name, the size of your tent including ropes and stakes, and how many people staying in that tent your mundane name, your SCA name, the size of your tent including ropes and stakes (footprint), and how many people are staying in the tent.

February has a lot of fun kingdom events coming up... Candlemas, Provincial Games, and Weekend at the Tavern, to name a few. We hope the weather cooperates and everyone gets to prepare for War!

Yours In Service,
Drake and Sibri
“Life is GOOD in Elfsea!”

January News
2015-01-04 12:29:24

A Message from the Vicar and Vicaress
Duke Quintus Aurelius Dracontius and
Countess Sibri de Aldebourne

Greetings unto the Populace of the Great Barony of Elfsea and Canton of Dragonsfire Tor!

We hope this missive finds everyone warm, happy and with family during this wonderful holiday season.

We very much enjoyed Dragonsfire Tor's Yule Revel. We were amazed at the dedication and work ethic of the Tor and their friends who helped to set up and run such a beautiful event.

We also enjoyed the camaraderie at Elfsea's Christmas party. The potluck was delicious, and Baron Arthur and Master Caelin earned their right to keep hunting the King's land due to the bountiful supply of game supplied for the feast! We look forward to see more friendly faces at Steppes' 12th Night.

As the weather turns colder, do not forget that there are indoor activities to do within the Barony, as well as chivalric and rapier fighting.

The Dragonsfire Tor calendar found at http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org/calendar.php has the means to show you not only their happenings, but also those of Elfsea, Steppes, and Ansteorra... all nicely color-coded and lined up on one calendar. Huzzah!

Our next Populace meeting will be back in its normal timeslot, Mon, January 26, 2015, 7pm – 9pm at the Bedford Library, 2424 Forest Ridge Dr, Bedford, TX 76021, United States (map) We look forward to seeing everyone then, if not before.

The new year is upon us... Remember, "Life is GOOD in Elfsea!"

Drake and Sibri

November News
2014-12-27 17:57:31

Greetings Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor!

November - The start of many melees, events, parties and the Holidays. We have had a tremendous year, thus far, and the last couple of months will be busy and full of fun. 

We have been excited to see the number of people stepping up to do great things. In October, we had our Arlington Library Demo. We had 17 of you come out to speak to the populace, entertain them, show them the arts and fighting we do, and You all made sure they were made welcome and saw the very best we have to offer. We would like to thank you all for doing this. 

Aeryn has run this show for the past 6 years, and she has done a truly magnificent job with it. It continues to grow each year. Next year Aoife will be taking over the reigns for this demo. It will be another great adventure!! Thank you to everyone.

We want to thank Edwin and Herries, and everyone that comes to our fighter practices. They are well attended, and filled with great fights, and new populace members. Excellent job all around.

Herries and Aoife have won the bid for Elfsea Defender 2015. Thank you for putting in the bid. We are looking forward to a terrific event! Remember, this will be a year for equestrian. The bids for Elfsea Baronial A&S Competition (Formerly the College) are open. If you are thinking about bidding, but have questions...come to the Populace meeting and meet with many who have run events in the past. 

We are looking forward to a great camp at BAM, if you are camping with all of us, please get Franklin your tent sizes, etc. We cannot wait to see everyone there! If we wish to do a potluck dinner one night, let us know!

Look for more detail regarding the Baronial Holiday Party. It will be on December 15.

There are many exciting things being planned for the next year, come join us to find out what you can participate, or help organize. 

Stay hydrated, keep practicing and working on the arts, and we look forward to seeing every-one at an event, guild or practice!!

Our Travel:
BAM- November
DFT Yule - December
Baronial Holiday Party - December
Steppes 12th Night - January

In Service,
Gerhart and Elspeth
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea
Lord and Lady of Dragonsfire Tor

October News
2014-10-27 14:27:48

This past saturday was another amazing day in Elfsea (with help from our Canton populace!). We are so proud to be Baron and Baroness of such great groups of caring, hardworking, wonderful people. We had 17 volunteers go to the Arlington Library for our annual demo. This demo has become a favorite of Gerhart and I. Thank you, Aeryn for coordinating this for the past 6 years, and Don Alaric for the 6 years prior to that. Thank you Aoife for stepping up, not only as Deputy Seneschal, but now the demo coordinator. We look forward to another amazing demo next year.

Thank you Diana Warner and Franklin for providing a great craft for the kids to do. They waved their "banners" proudly!! it was a perfect activity for them!

Thank you to Aaliz, Al Aeryn, Vivianne, Aurelia, Heather Clark Nice,Elizabeth MarshallKayla Jade Foster and Denise Oberlin for displaying your arts, and allowing everyone to touch, and work on them! It was wonderful to see the smiles on all the little one's faces! (Thank you Vivianne for helping make sure i ate, and stayed hydrated!!)

Todd Marsh (Llywelyn) - we loved listening to you play. Music is always welcome and calming. Thank you for taking time to entertain us, and for keeping the fighters safe by Marshaling.

Glen Wilkerson and Arthur Marsh,Sebastian and Caelin, thank you for the great weapons show, the knowledge, story telling and general fun, Everyone enjoys the weapons tables!!!

Stephen Schubert and Eber- Thank you ,thank you, thank you for making the dreams of all the future knights come true. your fighting was great fun to watch. everyone was fascinated! We appreciate you!

There are no titles in this email, because Elfsea came together, as one unit, to provide a spectacular day for all those present. This is what it is about...reaching out to tell others about our Dream, and how we live it. We want to thank everyone for coming out and helping. We appreciate you all!!!

Next year will be bigger, and more fun. We look forward to many more coming out to help, and have fun!

See you all soon!

In Service,

Gerhart and Elspeth

If someone was forgotten in our Monday Madness, our apologies, and shout them out for us, please!!!

September News
2014-09-23 12:00:03

Greetings Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor,

Populace was great! Thank you to all those that attended. For those new, or returning, please make plans to attend populace meetings each month. This is where the business of the Barony is discussed, and decisions are made. This is where you can get to know fellow Elfsea (and even DFT) members, learn about the offices, how to apply for them and how to bid for events. It is an essential part of the Barony, we look forward to seeing more of you there!

Travel Pavilion is ordered! Thank you, Master Caelin, for completing this for us. We cannot wait to take it to events.

We wish to thank Edwin for being an excellent Knight Marshall for the past 2 years. He has been at every practice, encouraging all the new fighters that have been coming out. Thank you for a job very well done!!!
On that note, please welcome Herries to the office. He has jumped in and ensured there will be no lapse in the office. Thank you!!

Aoife is now Deputy Seneschal. Thank you for applying, and taking on this position. We hope you enjoy it, and learn much. Congratulations!

The offices of Herald, Chronicler and Chamberlain are currently open. Please consider applying for one of these offices.

We wish to Thank Guyon for being a terrific Seneschal for Dragonsfire Tor. It is not an easy job, and he did it with grace and patience. Eoghan mac Cinatha stepped in as Deputy, to Interim Seneschal while the applications were open. Thank you very much!! Dragonsfire Tor's new Seneschal is Franklin. Congratulations, and we look forward to working with you!

Bids for Elfsea Defender will close October 21. If you have any questions, there are plenty in the Barony that have run events, please just ask. Bids for Elfsea Artisan and Baronial College are open.

Look for information Regarding BAM, and the 5th Sunday tourny with Steppes!!

Schedule: Wautaga Library demo September 25, THIS thursday - 5-8
Loch Ruadh Day of Games September 27 (THIS Saturday)
Arlington Library Demo October 25
Coronation October 11

Thank you to everyone for remembering to have fun!!


In Service,

Gerhart and Elspeth
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea
Lord and Lady of DragonsfireTor

August News
2014-09-10 00:07:45

Greetings Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor:

July has been a great month, we have a college right around the corner, new Heirs and many opportunities for fighting and fellowship!

Ansteorra has new Heirs, Duke Lochlan Dunn and Mistress Michele Chantal de Charente are Ansteorra's Prince and Princess! VIVAT!!!

Baronial College is coming up, please volunteer to help. This is shaping up to a fun event. We are pleased to announce that Elf-sea Baronial College has to been selected as the site for Her Highness' Princess' Tea. We look forward to seeing every-one there.

Awards, please look around and see who is doing what, and think about putting them in for an award for their service, fighting or arts. Ansteorra Order of Precedence will tell you what awards each member of the Kingdom currently has. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We have officer positions open, please think about volunteering to hold an office in the group. Some of these are mandatory for us to keep our group status. Exchequer, Knight Marshal, A and S, Chronicler are all open. Please send application to current Baronial officer, Baron and Baroness, Regional officer and Baronial Seneschal. Thank you for all the hard work of our officers.

The design for the new coronets was chosen. Thank you to everyone that participated in this endeavor. It was great to see all the designs, and the final creations of the artist making the coronets. We had designs from Her Highness Michelle Chantal de Charente, Lady Diana the Just, and Laura Wright - Meadhbh. After the vote, a design using Meadhbh's and Her Highness' artistry, with Master Aethelstan's help, was chosen. They will be beautiful to see, and we are grateful to everyone for their input and help. they should be debuted in December.

Mistress Ameline is checking at Pennsic for Pavilions, if she cannot find one for sale on site, she will get with Master Caelin and order ours from Panther. We look forward to bringing the group pavilion out to events we travel to, like our predecessors all did! Thank you Mistress Ameline, and Master Caelin.

We look forward to seeing everyone at future events! Travel safely and have fun!

We are currently scheduled to travel to: 
Shed work day August 2, 10 AM 
August 16th - Steppes Artisan, Cedar Hill 
August 23rd - Elfsea College, Southlake 
August 29-31 - out of kingdom 
September 27th - Loch Ruadh Fall Event

In Service,

Gerhart and Elspeth 
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea 
Lord and Lady of DragonsfireTor