King of Fools

This honorary office is closed.

Let all know that [Winner's Name] has proved wilier and trickier than all contenders and is thus named Elfsea's King of Fools. This is so done and given at {Event name} {Roman numerals} on the {Arabic numerals} day of {Full Month name} Anno Societatis {Roman numerals}, being Anno Domini {Arabic Numerals}.
Baron  Baronesa

King of Fools Year
Hamish Stewart 2007
Raimond George de Mora IV 2006
Ducky 2005
William Worm II 2004
Modius von Mergentheim 2003
Seamus O'Dubdha 2002
Raimond George de Mora 2001
William Worm 2000
Enoch Crandall macCranon 1999
Charles de Chartrese 1998
Raimond George de Mora 1997
Valyntyn Drake 1996
Raimond George de Mora 1995
Charles de Chartrese 1993
Robin of Gilwell 1992
Willow de Wisp 1991
Glas de Carraig 1990