Equestrian Defender

This honorary office is dormant.

The Equestrian Defender is the individual who has won the right to represent the Barony through a test of skill at horseriding.

This championship was established at Elfsea Defender XXII in 37 A.S. (2003) Baron Armand Dragonetti and Baroness Ameline du Bois.

All shall know that [Winner's Name] mounted on the noble steed [Horse's Name] did with honor and skill prove victorious over all opponents and is thus titled Equestrian Defender for the Barony of Elfsea. This is so done and given at {Event Name} {Roman numerals} on the {Arabic numerals} day of {Full Month name} Anno Societatis {Roman numerals}, being Anno Domini {Arabic Numerals}.
Baron  Baronesa

Equestrian Defender Year
Christian Dore and Pepe 2013
Robert Westryman 2011
Fergus Khan 2004
Rolanda Rossner 2003