Archery Defender

The Archery Defender is the individual who has won the right to represent the Barony through a competition of skill at archery.

This championship was established at Elfsea Defender XV in 27 A.S. (1993) by Baron Elfsea and Baroness Elfsea, Sir Arthur of the Fen and HL Robyn Murchadha.

Be it known by all that [Winner's Name] did with accuracy and grace, achieve victory over all contenders and is therefore named Archery Defender for the Barony of Elfsea. This is so done and given at Elfsea Defender {Roman numerals} on the {Arabic numerals} day of {Full Month name} Anno Societatis {Roman numerals}, being Anno Domini {Arabic Numerals}.
Baron  Baronesa

Archery Defender Year
Solmundr Mac an Ghabhann 2018
Cera ingen Fhaelain 2017
Angus Patrick de Ruthven 2016
Gavin the Younger 2012
Caelin on Andrede 2011
Owen Hell 2010
Gavin the Younger 2009
Robin of Northkeep 2007
Martino Giovanni Arciere 2006
Arthur Blackmoon 2004
Sebastian Eton Frobishire 2003
Ulrich of Carolingia 2002
Fearghus MacKenna 2001
Aldwin Greenleaf 2000
Kerrick of Elfsea 1999
Corwin MagEoin 1998
Innes Dee 1997
Sebastian Eton Frobishire 1996
Sebastian Eton Frobishire 1995
Wayne of the Heights 1994
Sebastian Eton Frobishire 1993