Azure Keystone of Elfsea

Entry into this order is given in recognition of exceptional and continuing service to the Barony. The Azure Keystone is recognized by the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Crown, and as such grants an award of arms upon the companion to the order.

Know all, that in recognition of exceptional and continuing service to the Barony of Elfsea, do we [Baron and Baroness's Names] Baron et Baronessa, on this {Arabic numerals} day of {Full Month name} Anno Societatis {Roman numerals} being Anno Domini {Arabic numerals}, do by this charter award unto [Recipient's Name] the Azure Keystone of Elfsea, with all privileges, duties and rights to bear such ensigns armorial of the order. This is so done by our hand and seal in gratitude and thanks of endeavors of great benefit to our populace and lands.
[Signatures of Baron and Baroness]
Baron Baronessa
[Signatures of King and Queen]
Rex Regina

NOTE: The above style for Their Excellencies titles in the scroll text is in Latin.
The style of address for the Baron and Baroness may be different. Please consult with Their Excellencies on their preferred style.

Recipients Date Given Notes
Alastrina McKeary 1990-12-15 
Areanna Litelpage of Redore 1990-12-15 
Arthur of the Fen 1990-12-15 
Robyn Murchadha 1990-12-15 
Wilhelm von Oldenburg 1990-12-15 
Ker Megan of Taransay 1991-03-24 
Christopher Kirk Dragomani 1991-04-20 
Melania of the Three Needles 1991-04-20 
Custance nic Raibert Macconnachie 1991-09-28 
Steffan of the Tall Pines 1992-09-26 
Margery de Bray 1992-12-12 
Seamus of the Cats 1992-12-12 
Gwenllian Brighid Hertewelle 1993-12-18 
William Palfrey 1993-12-18 
Dana Mac an Ghabhann 1994-12-03 
Jevan the Fletcher ap Cenydd 1994-12-03 
Mara of Rede 1994-12-03 
Seumas MacAonghuis MhicDhubhshith 1994-12-03 
Archibald Wynterbourne 1995-12-02 
Stella Silvana 1995-12-02 
Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea 1996-09-28 
Xene Theriane 1996-09-28 
Eowyn ferch Rhys 1996-12-07 
Kamile Kouchak 1996-12-07 
Raimond George de Mora 1996-12-07 
Airaklee Wolf 1997-12-13 
Reginleif Ragnarsdottir 1997-12-13 
Bice di Pietro 1998-12-12 
Innes Dee 1998-12-26 
Alessandra Beatrice Desiderio 1999-09-25 
Darius of the Bells 1999-09-25 
Galen of Bristol 1999-09-25 
Rosalia di Bellavita 1999-09-25 
Daniel of Cameron 2000-09-23 
Enoch Crandall mac Cranon 2000-09-23 
Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain 2000-09-23 
Thomas de Ruthven 2000-09-23 
Caelin on Andrede 2001-04-28 
Ceinwen ferch Rhuel 2001-09-22 
Daniel Stewart de Guthre 2001-09-22 
Siobhan Inghean O'Donnabhain 2001-09-22 
Tonwen MacFarlane 2001-09-22 
Ameline du Bois 2002-04-06 
Fearghus MacKenna 2002-04-06 
Siobhan Ui Niall 2002-04-06 
Arabella de Montacute 2002-06-13 
Armand Dragonetti 2002-09-28 
Elizabeth Hawkwood 2002-09-28 
Polydore Pike 2002-09-28 
Aradon of Falconrose Keep 2003-04-05 
Cassandra Palfrey 2003-09-27 
Daire de Haya 2004-09-25 
Druinne de Salesberie 2004-09-25 
Maili Donnel MacGregor 2004-09-25 
Genevieve del Gamba 2004-12-04 
Janie of Dragonsfire Tor 2004-12-04 
Philip White 2005-05-14 
Ascelyn of Glentewrde 2005-12-03 
Jocelyn de Viverais 2005-12-03 
Rixende de Rouen 2006-04-22 
Tomas Niallagain 2006-09-23 
Elisabeth Pendarvis 2007-03-31 
Alaric Greythorn of Glen Mor 2009-01-03 
Angus Patrick de Ruthven 2009-01-03 
Ealasaid Mac a'Bhaird 2009-01-03 
Elspeth de Stervlen 2010-04-03 
Genevieve de Lironcourt 2010-04-03 
Hanna van Dahl 2010-04-03 
Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza 2010-12-11 
Amalia Zavattini 2010-12-11 
Daniel O'Ceileachair 2010-12-11 
Delores of Elfsea 2010-12-11 
Elayne O'Ceileachair 2010-12-11 
Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote 2012-03-31 
Eoghan mac Cinatha 2012-05-12 
Caitrina inghean Mhurchadha 2013-04-06 
Sebastian Eton Frobishire 2013-04-06 
Adelaide de Ruthven 2014-05-17 
Andreas von Meißen 2014-08-23 
Lauretta d'Avenporte 2014-08-23 
Amelot Lisette 2015-05-16 
Cecilia of Kent 2015-12-05 
Franklin Whitenhale of Cheshire 2017-04-29 
Jeanne Marie la Verriere 2017-04-29 
Aaliz du Lac 2018-04-07 
Adelaide de Bourbon 2018-04-07 
Eleanor of Forth Castle 2018-04-07 
Silvana Corwin 2018-04-07 
Absolon of Hereford 2018-05-19 
Katheryn Margarete de Ryes 2018-05-19 Principal 09/01/2018 to present
Lochlan Dunn 2018-05-19 
Kazimierz Zlowieszczy 2018-09-01 Principal 09/01/2018 to present
Guyon Dupre 2019-06-08 

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