Welcome to the Barony of Elfsea

The Barony of Elfsea is part of the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma) in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). We are primarily based in Fort Worth. We attempt to create many aspects of the Middle Ages: its chivalry, sciences, arts, and several of its martial arts. And, like the Middle Ages, we are a family group with things for all to do.

We create and wear clothing that might have been worn in the period before 1600. We camp with our friends using tents and equipment that might have been used in that same period. We research what people knew and what they did and try to reproduce the goods and skills they had.

We also train in various martial sports. These sports include Chivalric, Rapier, and Archery. More information can be found on their respective pages.

Most events have Childrens' Activities, food, displays of arts, and opportunities to show noble courtesies to each other.

Stop by at any of our local meetings - Arts and Sciences, Socials, Fighter Practices. We look forward to meeting you.

News from the Barony

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B&B Note - Welcome and Thanks!
2016-04-21 22:27:11

Welcome to all of the new folks we have been seeing over the past couple of months.  You have joined the Barony during a very busy time – Gulf Wars, Defender, Coronation – and our Canton of Dragonsfire Tor will be hosting Queen’s Champion and their own event Guardian of the Tor.  Whew!

Several of us will be attending Glaslyn this weekend.  We will be bringing the travel pavilion on Saturday.  We are planning a potluck lunch.  Please see the thread on the Elfsea Facebook page.

William and Cassandra

Baron and Baroness

Here are the links for upcoming events:

Glaslyn Defender of the Flame



Queen’s Champion




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