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About the Barony
The Barony of Elfsea is part of the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma) in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). We attempt to create many aspects of the Middle Ages: its chivalry, sciences, arts, and several of its martial arts. And, like the Middle Ages, we are a family group with things for all to do.

We create and wear clothing that might have been worn in the period before 1600. We camp with our friends using tents and equipment that might have been used in that same period. We research what people knew and what they did and try to reproduce the goods and skills they had.

We also train in various martial sports. We train in a style prevalent during the Age of Chivalry, which we call Chivalric Fighting (External Link). Additionally we train in the Art of Dueling, prevalent during the 1500's, which we call Rapier Fighting (External Link). In Chivalric fighting, we also use longbows, crossbows, and siege engines in large multi-person melees (External Link). Additionally, we practice target archery and throwing knives, axes and spears at targets. We also practice various Equestrian (External Link) sports enjoyed in the Middle Ages.

Most events have Childrens' Activities, food, displays of arts, and opportunities to show noble courtesies to each other.

Last, but certainly not least, we do grand feasts of many courses in various styles used in the countries of Europe between approximately 700 AD and 1600 AD. Such food is a joy to the eyes and the stomach.

It is almost certain you will find something to capture your imagination in what we do.

Stop by at any of our local meetings - Arts and Sciences, Socials, Fighter Practices. We look forward to meeting you.

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