Welcome to the Barony of Elfsea

The Barony of Elfsea is part of the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas and Oklahoma) in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA). We are primarily based in Fort Worth. We attempt to create many aspects of the Middle Ages: its chivalry, sciences, arts, and several of its martial arts. And, like the Middle Ages, we are a family group with things for all to do.

We create and wear clothing that might have been worn in the period before 1600. We camp with our friends using tents and equipment that might have been used in that same period. We research what people knew and what they did and try to reproduce the goods and skills they had.

We also train in various martial sports. These sports include Chivalric, Rapier, and Archery. More information can be found on their respective pages.

Most events have Childrens' Activities, food, displays of arts, and opportunities to show noble courtesies to each other.

Stop by at any of our local meetings - Arts and Sciences, Socials, Fighter Practices. We look forward to meeting you.

News from the Barony

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Quarterly Message from Their Excellencies of Elfsea
2019-10-10 11:28:00

Greetings unto Our friends and family in Elfsea and those neighbors We hold dear!

We will forswear any musings about the weather within Our beloved Barony (it's hot) and instead We will leap right in to talks about all the great things happening in the Kingdom, and more specifically, Our Barony.

So many wonderful things have transpired in the past few months, where do We begin?

Let Us begin by welcoming our new Elfsea Officers. Webminister: Duke Gabriel of Maccuswell, Minister of Children: Sir Arthur of the Fen, Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Dearbhail inghen Muirdoch and Herald: Lady Valka Flokadottir. Thank you for volunteering for this service to the Barony and We look forward to working with each of you.

To Our outgoing Officers, Lady Meredith, Lady Mavis, Lady Gwennilyan... you have Our gratitude. A Barony is only as strong as its Officers and populace and you each helped fortify this Barony through your service. Well done and Vivat!

And with change comes... travel - and boy, have We ! Locally, We have attended a very successful Baronial Bazaar, headed up by our newly appointed Minister of Arts & Sciences, Lady Dearbhail inghen Muirdoch. Many things were bought, sold and traded and We look forward to the next.

We have traveled to the lands of Namron to become educated and authorized in the ways of siege engines in battle. It is Our hope that Elfsea wilI one day boast one (or more) siege engines at events, showing that Elfsea is a force to be reckoned with in siege as well as the other fields of combat.

After returning from Namrom We co-hosted Braggart's War with Our Cousins of the Steppes and Bonwicke, with MUCH success. Our bodies were exhausted, and Our coffers expanded. Good work to all who volunteered or worked Braggart's War this year. It could not have happened without all of you working together as a Barony to make this a success. Oh yes, the unicorns proved victorious. Much to Baroness Kat's displeasure. Better luck next year!

After Braggart's We got a slight rest, We attended Elfsea Academie's latest class and came away with new ideas and information. Our last few classes have been some of the most popular to date and our social media presence is growing each month. Jeanne-Marie, Melodie, and Valka are all doing a wonderful job and their service is appreciated.

Having rested for more than a few days, We knew We needed to be on the move again. With that in mind, We attended Ansteorra’s 40th Year. There was a delicious feast, honorable fighting, exciting music, shops with wonderful wares, and a packed Grand Court. One activity stands out just a bit more to Us than all the others. We were so incredibly proud to have been able to sponsor Jeanette de Hatchett (the fighter formerly known as Aila) in both youth chivalric and youth rapier. Not only did she fight well, but she served as an example of chivalry and honor on the field. To say that she fought admirably would be an understatement. We could not be more proud of this young lady and can only imagine what she might someday accomplish within the Society.

Upon returning home, We rested but a few days before attending an Elfsea Project Day, which was as fun as it was productive. We believe there were four projects near completion at the end of the day, and although weary, We could have stayed and visited into the wee hours. But alas it was time to head home and once again rest .

So many miles, so many events! And We have loved every minute of it. So much so that We intend to attend the following Baronial and Kingdom events:

  • Elfsea Academie - October 1st
  • Mad Pattern Day - October 5th
  • Elfsea's Inventory Day - October 6th
  • FalI Coronation - October 12th
  • DFT Populace in the Park and Fighter Practice - October 13th
  • Elfsea Baronia l College - October 26th
  • Elfsea Academie - November 5th
  • Boyscout Jamboree Demo - November 9th
  • Bonwicke Fall Champions - November 16th
  • War of the Rams - November 23rd
  • Elfsea Academie - December 3rd
  • Dragonsfire Tor's Yule Reve l - December 7th
  • Elfsea's Christmas Party - December 14th
  • Steppe's 12th Night - January 4th

While We understand that not everyone is able to travel and attend all these events, We do hope to get to spend time with you when you can. We are not sure you understand just how much We love this Barony (you) and the family it has become to Us. We look forward to spending time with you, while playing this game together and living this wonder filled Dream.

In Service,
Kazimierz and Katheryn
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea
Lord and Lady of Dragonsfire Tor
Kingdom of Ansteorra